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Mementos can be found through the game In Celebration of Violence. Mementos can be found in crystals. You can break crystals for experience and glass, or pay the listed cost to buy the memento. If you can't make out which is what, bring up the action menu and use Inspect on them.

Common mementos cost 25 exp, Uncommon cost 50 and Rare cost 100. You will also find un-inspectable mementos for 35.

List of mementos[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Rarity Description Explanation Notes
A Child's Muddy Boots Common I love the rain! I could play in these puddles for hours! I regain my stamina quicker in the rain. No effect when indoors.
Adventuring Hat Common Think of all the amazing experiences I will have while exploring! There is a chance for me to gain experience whenever I discover more of the world around me.
Alarm Bell Uncommon We are attacked! Signal the defense! Getting hit will call a protective firefly to my aid.
Autumn Leaf Common I spend hours trying to catch these leaves as they fall. They're usually too quick for me. My mobility is increased. Gain +10% mobility.
Banana Peel Common I need only to lay this here and the trap is set! Let us see how well they can mock me while they lie bruised upon the floor! When an opponent is pushed back by my attacks, their momentum will injure any ally they knock into.
Battle Plans Uncommon We will attack during the enemy's charge. They cannot hope to defend themselves while on the offensive. Enemies will injure easier if hit during their attack.
Bifocals Common I can see again! My perception is increased.
Blackened Horn Common They came with fury in their hearts and fire in their veins. My surges are augmented to deal fire damage.
Black Powder Barrel Common Just apply heat and- Explosions are bigger than ever.
Blood Moon Uncommon As the sun sets my true self is revealed, and animals of the night have not the reservations of men. I deal increased damage during the night.
Bloodshot Eye Common Beasts lack precision. A deft eye is the mark of an exceptional human. This increases my change to land critical hits.
Bloody Shield Common My steel savior. Getting hit may grant me a small amount of armor. Also causes your shield to bleed when you block hits. Very good for blood rituals
Bloody Stake Rare With every cut she seemed to age in reverse and her woulds healed without scars. I died staring at a child. Every successful attack will restore my health.
Blown Glass Common I made it myself. This one will not crack like the others. My spells are harder to shatter.
Bone Saw Uncommon We must work quickly, her condition is worsening. I swing faster while my health is depleting.
Brass Knuckles Rare I can count the number of people I like on one fist. I grow stronger with every nearby enemy.
Broken Bottle Rare
Broken Wing Common The winged god, cut down by men, could only hobble away. My speed is increased.
Bucket of Water Common The flames were too much... Nothing could be done. My resistance to fire is increased.
Burning Blood Rare They are said to have fire in their veins. Let us see if that is true. Drops orange-ish blood puddles upon being hit that damage foes that walk in them.
Burnt Effigy Uncommon Some think burning me in effigy will weaken my body and soul. Complete nonsense of course. It makes me stronger. My stamina recovers much quickly while I burn.
Charming Mask Common Wherever I go, people "accidentally" fail to move out of my way. My opponents are less likely to dodge my attacks.
Chipped Blade.png
Chipped Blade Common An heirloom, worn from honest use. My aggression is increased.
Chitinous Scale Common My skin! My skin is turning to stone! Stop the treatment! Whenever i recover health i may also find myself with some extra armor.
Colored Chalk Common I'm gonna draw the biggest circle! And I'll add some fancy designs inside just like dad does! Whoa, why is it glowing? Makes spell circles bigger
Conjoined Hearts Common I am no doctor, but I assume this means that she will live twice as long. Heart pickups sometimes restore an extra 10 health.
Cooked Chicken Common I feel like I will be full for days. It takes longer for my hunger to have any debilitating effects on my performance.
Copper Rod Common If I am to enter the storm with this, I should at least take some precautions. My resistance to electricity is increased.
Cracked Mirror Uncommon I hate you even more than I hate myself. Try me. Getting hit may cause me to go berserk.
Crown Common A leader lends strength to men the way a tyrant never could. My strength is increased. Gives 10% power
Crystal Uncommon They said I could store a spell in one of these. Maybe I won't have to wait so long this time. A spell may recharge immediately after being cast. Each gives a 10% chance to instantly recharge the spell.
Dancing Shoe Uncommon I am the epitome of grace.
Dinner Plate Uncommon I don't regret the extra helping. My hunger is satiated easier. Eating food has a bigger effect
Doorknob Common Dammit! This stupid piece of metal shocks me every time. Picking up armor plates, keys and metal bars, triggers a weak bolt of lightning, damaging surrounding enemies.
Dueling Hilt Uncommon The riposte, if performed correctly, will be vastly more effective than brute force.
Dying Candle Common There was a sudden warmth between my shoulders. The last thing I saw was the candle my daughter created. I am more dangerous when attacking from stealth.
Egg Rare The profound magnificence of life, embodied in this tiny, delicate egg. Resurrects once
Empty Tankard Common Do not touch me while I'm drinking. Deal 2 damage to enemies when they touch you (including when you block, at least with a shield)
Empty Vial Common What's in here? Identifies a potion at random
Enchanted Bow Uncommon An unknown hero wielding this bow brought down the winged god with a single shot. Gain a somewhat hidden ally with a bow (who can be killed, watch out!)
Ethereal Key Common It worked... But was it ever really there? There is a chance that keys will not be lost upon use.
Faded Mittens Rare Damn this storm. I can barely see my hands before my eyes. It is so cold... Maybe I will rest here for a moment.
Family Recipe Common We won't eat tonight unless I can remember all the ingredients. Gaining experience will help satiate my hunger.
Fang of the Beast Uncommon Inhumanity will outlast us all. Restores health that has not disappeared (yellow health)
Faulty Timepiece Rare It keeps slowing down. Slows down time while you stand still
First Aid Kit Common Can't forget this! I'll stop every few miles and patch myself up. I patch myself up and regain a little health whenever I enter a new area.
Frozen Chain Uncommon What remains of my king stands frozen in his prison, and none dare go near. Any enemy who touches me will striken with a sudden chill.
Ghost Blade Rare Is this ethereal blade of my own making or the intervention of some enigmatic spirit? Gain a blade that swings whenever you use your weapon (so, both at once)
Golden Lock Common With a lock like that, whatever is inside must be good. Improves the quality of items dropped from chests.
Guillotine Common When is it coming? I wish they would hurry up and end it. I deal considerably more damage to enemies who are over halfway to death
Half a Shield Rare Why are my trousers way over there and whose legs are in them? Where did the other side of my shield go? My weapons receive less of penalty when cleaving through multiple enemies during a swing.
Head of a Statue Uncommon He rent the ground with such ferocity that even nearby statues untouched by his hammer toppled to the ground.
Axe Head.png
Headsman's Axe Rare
Heavy Ball Common I hate this game! I keep getting hit in the face. A large ball orbits me wherever i go, knocking into enemies and often stunning them.
Heroic Medal Rare Everybody is cheering for our invincible hero. All I see is a healthy young man who could break me in half. Adjusts your damage dependant on your current health percentage. High health increases damage, low health reduces it
History Book Uncommon The experiences of others influence how we view the world. Enemies will relinquish more experience when they die.
Crusader's Medallion Rare Such is my faith that every blow strikes as if it's my last. Attacks have a small chance to refresh Surge charges. Adds 1% chance to trigger for each item.
Holy Scripture Common Piety breeds fervor. Successful attacks will allow me to regain a little extra stamina.
Horn of the Northern Wind Common A storm of soldiers to blanket the land in war.
Hourglass Common The sands measure my studies in perfect intervals. My knowledge is increased. Adds 10% knowledge.
Human Heart Common The center of life. I am healthier. Increases max HP by 20
Leech Common There is more blood here than I could ever need. Ennemies will spill more blood with every hit. Synergises with mementos that work based on blood, such as "Red Wine?"
Leather Belt Uncommon Father is angry. I don't know what I did but I need to hide. I may turn invisible when an enemy spots me.
Leather Patch Common Softens the blow from bludgeoning weapons. Increased bludgeoning resistance.
Lightning Wand Uncommon My peers gave this to me to hold aloft whenever I practice my spellcasting. Casting spells beneath a cloud will call a lightning bolt to strike the ground.
Lost Childhood Uncommon He's still inside, burning. My attacks may set enemies on fire.
Magnifying Glass Common So many treasures to find if only one looks closely enough. Crates and barrels may reveal useful supplies when destroyed.
Map Scroll Rare Very odd... Each time I unfurl it a new map is drawn. I can always find a treasure map when I venture to a new area. Gain a treasure map when you start each area. (You don't get one when you first pick up this memento)
Meat Hook Common Meat is meat. Humans have a chance to drop raw meat.
Monocle Common Well don't just stand there, man! Break it open and let us see what mysteries lie within. Crates and barrels may carry experience. Crates and barrels usually (always?) contain exp
My Best Friend's Grave Uncommon The memory of his death is still painful. Physically painful. The experience expelled from dying enemies will injure others. Enemies take 1 damage per item.
Red Wine? Uncommon They assure me it's of the highest quality, but the wine is still oddly thick. Tastes good though. I want more. Reduces a small amount of hunger whenever blood is spilled. Quite weak, but helps in the longterm. Historian starts with this
Nail of a Giant Uncommon Its weapon was the size of a grown man. We had no chance. My weapons are larger. This increases the reach of attacks, and doesn't alter the swing speed
Needle Uncommon I do not need to rest. In fact, I may never rest again. My stamina will begin returning quicker.
Notice of Bank Error Common My word, there appears to have been an error in my favor. How lucky! Purchases I make using experience may be partially refunded.
Oar Common Why even get in the water without one? I move faster in water.
Ordinary Cloak Common Just an ordinary guy in an ordinary cloak. No need to pay me any mind.
Pickaxe Common Break the stone. Smelt the ore. Break the stone. Smelt the ore. Breaking rocks or crystal spikes may drop metal
Piece of Nothing Rare It... it should not be!
Pile of Ash Uncommon The corpse... exploded. Naught was left but ash. The bodies of fallen enemies may explode. Corpses will slowly inflate over several seconds before they explode. Can hurt yourself
Plague Tick Rare The sickness spread everlasting, eventually toppling an empire. whan you touch enemie will make poison.
Poison Apple Common The coward's weapon comes in many forms. My resistance to poison is increased.
Propeller Common Almost finished! Only need to find a little more metal. Picking up metal make you fly?
Rallying Horn Uncommon For the king! For glory and honor! My surges are larger and more numerous. +1 surge capacity, +1 surge...?
Rat Tail Uncommon When wounded and cornered, the vermin became even more aggressive. increases damage with low health and vice versa decreases with high health
Red Leather Belt Rare I need to hide right now. Grants a quite high chance to turn you invisible when you get hit.
Red Wine Common Just what I need to keep going. My stamina is increased.
Rose-Tinted Glasses Uncommon You're all coming with me! I am considerably more dangerous while bleeding out.
Rusted Gear Uncommon Well there is yer problem. The trap is near rusted through! No wonder it reacts slowly. Traps take longer to go off after being triggered.
Sacred Breastplate Rare It truly is an angel. Adorned in blessed metals that mend any scratch. Sincerely beautiful. I will not survive this. When healing above full, gain some armor.
Sap Common What happened? Where am I? How long was I out? My opponents remain stunned longer than normal. This also applies when you block attacks, giving you more time to counterattack
Saturated Gauze Common Bleed slower.
Sawblade Uncommon Bah. I don't need to get the gloves, this'll be a quick cut. A small sawblade circles around the character, damaging enemies. Deals 4 damage per hit
Scalpel Common For the dying, precision is vital.
Scarred Buckler Common Dig in and take it on your shield. Their momentum is now your weapon.
Scary Eyes Rare Do not look! Do not look or you may never look away.
Scented Mask Unique Doctor only.
Scrap of Armor Common The last argument of flesh. My resistance to slashing attacks is increased.
Shard of Glass Common The reflectiveness of magic is highly exaggerated. My resistance to magic is increased.
Shiny Coin Uncommon I should be dead... The arrow was deflected by my lucky coin. Any hit I take may be negated.
A Hundred Spider Eggs Rare Having fed upon the inside, they hatched from his corpse and poured across the ground. Allied spiders will hatch from corpses of my enemies. Friendly spiders frequently spawn when killing enemies. Some small enemies (like blood slimes) don't trigger it
Spoiled Meat Common This crate is completely spoiled. Only flies in here. Disgusting. Destroying crates and barrels will spawn fruit flies to aid me.
Stepping Stone Common I spent hours in the garden practicing my footwork.
Stilleto Uncommon Some people call it cheating. Those people missed their own deaths.
Stomping Boot Common Stop interrupting me! Getting hit during my attack creates a shockwave to push back enemies.
Strip of Leather Common Bite this. It will delay the pain. Now let's get to work. My health depletes slower.
Swollen Tongue Uncommon I bathed in his blood and became something greater than human. I move and attack quicker whilst standing upon blood.
Tailless Rat Uncommon Increases your damage inversely proportionate to your maximum Health
Teacup Common A warm cup of tea always kept the cold at bay. My resistance to ice is increased.
Tea Leaf Uncommon Need to stay awake. Need to move. My stamina recovers quicker.
The Fury Uncommon The zeal of slaughter feeds upon itself and those who live to kill are blessed with boundless energy. Every kill increases my stamina.
The Quill Common The Scholar's Weapon. I accumulate experience to recharge spells yet cast. You can build up casting charges to cast spells, which does not consume the experience as you pick it up.
The Triumph Rare Constructed of golden forks.
Torn Chainmail Common Armor of choice to blunt the pierce of arrows. My resistance to piercing attacks is increased.
Tortoise Shell Rare Every time we whack it, it just pops back into its shell. Stupid turtle. Every time I take a hit, I become invulnerable for a brief moment.
Training Dummy Uncommon He who does not train is doomed to be bested by he who does. My aggression increases with every successful hit but decreases when I miss.
Traitor's Brand Rare Better to be marked a turncoat than rot on some foreign battlefield. I wear my new brand as a symbol of wisdom. Hit the enemy may make him defect
Twig Common Look how fast I can swing it! I can swing my weapons faster.
Unstable Crystal Rare You must... be very careful... not to crack it. A magical burst is unleashed when my spells crack or chatter.
Vampire Skull Rare They can live forever. All they need is blood. Every kill increses my health. adds 0.5 maximum health when somebody dies.
War Banner Common A symbol of inspiration and solidarity amongst the chaos. My fortitude is increased. +1 surge, also
Watchman's Lantern Common Nothing will catch us unawares. A small light orbits me at a distance, keeping the darkness at bay and discovering hidden secrets.
Weighted Stick Uncommon Anything can hurt if it's swung hard enough. More powerful weapons will deal increased damage.
Wheel of a Ship Common The cargo has broken loose! Watch out for sliding boxes when a wave hits! Triggers when breaking crates during rain. Improved loot from them?